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Sephora Affiliates Program - Earn Unlimited Commissions (Genuine)

Join the Sephora Affiliate Program and earn commissions by promoting over 200 top beauty brands and 13,000+ products. Enjoy exclusive perks, easy setup with Rakuten, and special offers just for affiliates.

Sephora is one of the biggest cosmetics and fashion stores in the United States. They provide a huge selection of fashion and cosmetic items, including their own branded line, the Sephora Collection.

Sephora Affiliates Program - Earn Unlimited Commissions (Genuine)
Sephora Affiliates Program - Earn Unlimited Commissions (Genuine)

With the Sephora Affiliate Program, you can become a partner and earn rewards for sharing the products online. You have the opportunity to receive benefits and get paid when people buy things through your link. In this post, We will discuss about Sephora Affiliates Program.

Sephora Affiliates Program Sign Up.

Sephora Affiliates Program Earning Commissions Step:

1. First, You need to visit the Sephora Affiliates Program page from this link: Click Here.

2. Scroll down the page and you will get a Here you will get an Affiliate Registration page and you need to fill it correctly.

3. Enter your Information about the company such as country, company name and your address.

4. Then enter your contact information such as full name, email address and password.

5. Then enter your main website information like Website name, URL and short description of your website.

6. After filling all the information, select payment threshold, your language preference, accept all the terms & conditions and click on the I’m In button.

7. Your profile will be reviewed by the publishing team and approved. After being accepted, you can go to your dashboard to see all of the offers with commissions.

Final Words

You can work with the online store of the widest range of beauty items by joining the Sephora affiliate network.

You can promote more than 13,000 premium items and more than 200 luxurious companies to earn up to 10% commissions by signing up for their affiliate program.


Q.1 How to earn money from Sephora?

Ans: By giving customers access to over 200 most wanted brands and over 13,000 luxurious products, you can generate income by becoming a member of their affiliate network.

Q.2 What does the Sephora affiliate program pay?

Ans: When a customer purchases something from your website or other social media channels, the Sephora Affiliate Program pays you a minimum of 5% commission. You can also get paid 8% to 10% commission on each sale in some product categories.

Q.3 How to get approved for the Sephora affiliate program?

Ans: You must have family-friendly contents on your website in order to be accepted as a Sephora affiliate and your website needs to have some connections with the beauty and fashion industry.

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