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How to Use Fas Rewards Promo Code to Get $10 + Referral

Using the Fas Rewards App, you can get amazing discounts on participating gas stations. This is Fas Rewards Promo Code to Get $10 + Referral, Enter your loyalty ID to save money on every transaction. For every $1 you spend in-store on qualifying products, you will receive 10 Fas Rewards points.

Additionally, you can earn 5 Fas Rewards points for each gallon of fuel you buy. Fas Reward gives registered clients coupon offers, exclusive promotions and member discounts, GPS shop trackers, and fantastic club programs.

Fas Rewards Promo Code 2024

$0.10 off every gallon of gas:

  • PFqDipQBJdMHRiFFnkqheBrhfnkEFFLCa


  • NNBCdkKRNFahJkhPDHmcDrdcaRHFgmfJa

  • jpLbqncgEqDRFdJdQRjLCiqKBDHaREqqa

  • cBAibgKqMpgEdEFdAqdgqkAigQBdJMEia

How To Create Fas Rewards Account And Use Promo Code

1. Visit the official Fas Rewards registration page from this link:

Click Here . You can also download the Fas Rewards app from Play Store or App Store.

2. Download the Fas Rewards app and click on the Sign Up button.

3. Now enter your first name, last name, state, zip code, phone number, email address and date of birth.

4. Then enter a promo code, set a strong password and tap on the Submit button.

5. Complete the signup process and go to the Invite a friend tab and share your referral link with your friends to earn more.

6. Your friends need to register through your Fas Rewards referral code. Upon successful enrollment, $5 in Fas Bucks will be awarded to both parties.

Final Words

You can easily track all of your loyalty transactions in one convenient location with Fas Rewards. Find the closest participating store and take advantage of special offers and current discounts. You can also join the Fas Reward referral program to earn more rewards.


Q.1 What is the Fas REWARDS referral bonus?

Ans: Users who encourage friends and relatives to sign up for the Fas Rewards loyalty program will get rewards through the referral program. Upon successful enrollment, both partners will earn $5 in Fas Bucks.

Q.2 How to check Fas Rewards?

Ans: Install the Fas Rewards app to register, access your virtual card, locate participating locations, and check your point balance and available deals. You can start using your points after your card has been registered.

Q.3 What is the Fas Rewards sign up reward?

Ans: Join now to receive $0.10 off each gallon of gas when you buy it with your rewards number. You can also invite friends to receive more rewards.

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