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TouchTunes Promo Codes and Referral Codes [Rewards]

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TouchTunes is a platform for engaging music and entertainment. It is featured at more than 75,000 restaurants and bars throughout Europe and North America. Manage the music at bars by being the DJ! Use the jukebox to remotely play viral hits.

Touchtunes Promo Codes
Touchtunes Promo Codes


Now is the perfect opportunity to take over the jukebox and start the party with the trendiest music!  Your preferred music is played on the jukebox via TouchTunes. Using TouchTunes promo codes is a terrific way to save money While enjoying your favorite music.


Touchtunes Promo Code 2024


  • DEAL20 : 20% discount.

  • WELCOME10 : 10% discount.

  • NV1ER : 15% discount.

  • 3651 : free jukebox.


How To Sign Up On Touchtunes


1 . First, Download the Touchtunes app from Play Store or App Store or Click Here.

Sign Up button
Sign Up button

2. Open the Touchtunes app, tap on the Sign Up button and continue with your Facebook account or Sign Up with Email.

continue with your Facebook
continue with your Facebook

3. Enter your name, click on the Share my Email check box and tap on the continue button.

Share my Email check box
Share my Email check box

4. On the next page, choose your Avatar and click on the I’m Done button.

choose your Avatar
choose your Avatar

How To Apply Touchtunes Promo Code


1 . Open the Touchtunes app and log in with your email.


2. From the list of places that are available, choose the one that you are now in.

places that are available
places that are available

3. After selecting your preferred songs, add them to your cart.

4. Go to the checkout page, enter the Touchtunes promo code and click on the Apply button.


5. Pay the reduced amount and complete the transaction.

reduced amount
reduced amount


Final Words


With TouchTunes, you can use your mobile devices to browse and listen to music from a large song library. You can search for your favorite songs with TouchTunes, make playlists, and even manage the music in US bars and restaurants.



Q.1 What is Touchtunes?


Ans: Touchtunes is a digital jukebox where you can find a wide range of music with different categories.


Q.2 What is the Touchtunes promo code?


Ans: If you use a Touchtunes promo code, you will get an instant discount of 10% to 30% on your purchase.


Q.3 How to download the Touchtunes app?


Ans: Touchtunes app is available for both iOS and Android users. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store or you can download the app from their website as well.


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