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Earn Money by Chatting With Strangers (Talkroom Method)

Know about a new income stream with the Talkroom Method, Your Querie is How to earn money simply by chatting with strangers online. Explore the world of virtual communication platfrom Talkroom with boosting your bank account. Start your journey to financial freedom today.

These days, a lot of individuals use the internet to establish relationships and make significant connections. But do you know you can get paid to engage in conversations with strangers?

Earn Money by Chatting With Strangers (Talkroom Method)
Earn Money by Chatting With Strangers (Talkroom Method)

A new app called Talkroom has a lot of potential for making money by chatting with people. With the Talkroom app, you can charge your followers and fans a little price to chat with you.

How To Earn Money By Chatting With Strangers Talkroom?

1. First you need to visit the official Talkroom website from this link:

2. Open the website and download the Talkroom app from Play Store or App Store.

3. Open the app, skip the introduction part and click on the Sign In With Google button.

4. Next, enter your legal/professional name, enter username and click on the submit button.

5. Now click on the account section from the bottom right corner and complete the Talkroom profile

6. Set your chat price, upload a profile picture, enter an impressive bio to attract people, verify your mobile number, and choose the category.

7. Click on the Requests section from the bottom menu to check chat requests. Then accept the chat request and earn money.

8. Visit the balance section from the menu to withdraw your Talkroom balance. You can withdraw via Bitcoin, USD, GHS, NGN, XOF, XAF, UGX, or KES.


Your fee for chatting with people is entirely up to you, Talkroom has zero control over it. Talkroom only advises you to establish a price based on the level of demand you have among your followers. You can raise your fee if too many people are paying to get in touch with you. If it's too little, you can lower it.


Q.1 How can I withdraw money from the Talk Room?

Ans: Within a week, every money that users pay you is settled. Although the funds are settled into a USD balance, you can withdraw them to Bitcoin, USD, GHS, NGN, XOF, XAF, UGX, or KES.

Q.2 How to earn money from the Talkroom app?

Ans: Download the Talkroom app, set up your profile within a minute and set your chat price.

You can charge as much as you choose. Accept as many requests for chat as you can handle. Once the chat session ends, get paid right away.

Q.3 Can I get paid to chat with someone?

Ans: There are many genuine online platforms available that pay for chatting and Talkroom is the best choice. You can earn around $4 to $5 per hour easily by chatting with strangers.

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