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How to Earn Money from an Auto SurfBar [Step by Step Guide] + Proof

Quick and Easy Guide to Earn Money from an Auto SurfBar [Step by Step] By Surfing Browsers You can Earn Money by Doing Tasks.

The latest trend in online income generation is the autosurf program. Autosurfing is the new king for those who have always desired to make money online with very little work. On Ebesucher, an autosurf website, you can earn points for just surfing and keeping the browser open.

The page will automatically refresh every 10 to 15 seconds. You need to open the surfbar website and allow it to operate in the background. In this post we will tell you how you can earn money online through the Ebesucher autosurf.

Earn Money From The Auto SurfBar Ebesucher Autosurf

1. At first you need to visit the Ebesucher registration page from this link:

2. Enter your email address, username, and password to complete the Signup process.

3. Agree to the terms & conditions and click on the Sign Up for free button. You can also Sign Up through your Google account or Facebook account.

4. After signing up, log in to your Ebesucher account and Install the Ebesucher add-on in Google Chrome or Firefox.

5. After installing Ebesucher add-on, enter the username, accept all the cookies and tap on the Launch Surfber button

6. You will earn a good amount of points for each Website visit. You can also earn points from Mail exchange. Open the email, visit the website and earn points.

7. Go to the Refer a Friend section, share your Ebesucher referral code or link with your friends.

8. You will earn 8% of the points that your referred friend earns. There are some level income referral rewards also available.

9. After collecting a minimum 100,000 BTP which is equal to 2.10 EUR, you can request for a payout.

10. You can convert your Ebesucher points in real money via PayPal or SEPA Bank Transfer.


So it was all about the Ebesucher Autosurf Bar. To earn BTP, let it run on your PC, collect points and convert BTP into EUR. Simply visit websites on your computer and earn points. There's no need to do anything more. You can also earn a significant amount of points through the Ebesucher referral program.


Q.1 What is the minimum withdrawal of Ebesucher?

Ans: The minimum payout of Ebesucher is only 2 EUR which is equal to 100,000 BTP.

Q.2 How can I earn money from the Ebesucher?

Ans: Ebesucher is an autosurf website, you can earn points by visiting websites, inviting friends and by mail exchanging.

Q.3 How long will it take to receive the payment from Ebesucher?

Ans: After placing a payout request on Ebesucher, you will get the payment within 1 to 7 working days.

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