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10 Refer and Earn Apps Without KYC: Earn Without Sharing Personal Information

Updated: 9 hours ago

Refer Earn Apps (Top 10) Without KYC Earn Cash Money Reward: Hi earners, you are searching for apps which you can earn money by doing referral but the condition is  you don't want to do KYC, so in this article.

Refer Earn Apps Without KYC
Refer Earn Apps Without KYC

I have tried to give you the best Top 10 refer and earn apps without kyc. And also a unique referral code of each app so you can get a sign up bonus also. 

Refer Earn Apps Without KYC

1. Wizely

2. Cash Kings

3. Truemeds

4. Rapido

5. Magic Pin

6. Myglamm

7. INRDeals

8. Prime Opinion

9. IPsos iSay

10. Smytten

1) Wizely

Sign up on wizely app using this code 272891 to get rewards upto 500 rs without KYC.

Wizely app helps you to improve your money saving habits, financial score for free. This platform offers a wide range of features to help manage finances and to reach financial goals.



In the wizely app you can earn money every day by doing simple financial tasks. On Wednesday there is a wizely Wednesday program where you can earn upto 25 lakh rupees by increasing your wellness score.

Wizely app offer refer and earn program: whenever you refer your friend to a wizely app. You and your friend get a reward upto 100 rs.. 

How to sign up on wizely and get a sign up bonus?

  • Download the app

  • Sign up using your mobile number and verify it with OTP.

  • Enter your basic details and Referral code to get upto 500 rs rewards ( mandatory)

  • Complete the survey and must Enter salary 25000 rs

  • Then set a budget of 5000 rs and click on the got it button.

Go to the dashboard and click on rewards then check scratch cards. Go to refer and earn then share your referral code to your friend's.

2) Cash Kings

Sign up on cash king's app using this code 272891 to get rewards upto 40 rs without KYC.

Cash kings is a real earning app. where you have to sign up and once a week you will receive a short survey by notification and you complete it then your wallet instantly reflects with 100 rs .

Cash Kings
Cash Kings

You can also earn money daily by doing simple tasks like downloading apps and check in the app and claiming the reward.

Cash king's referral  program: Cash king's referral program is simple. You have to share your referral code to your friends and tell them to  complete 8 tasks And you will be rewarded and your friend also.

How to sign up cash king's and get rewards up to 40 rs

  • Download the app and use your Gmail  to sign up.

  • You have to enter the Referral code mandatory 261819.

  • Go to the dashboard and claim your daily login reward and complete to some tasks

  • Go to the gifts section and copy your referral code and start sharing it.

3) Truemeds

The best offer app is coming from truemeds where you can get a 200 rs sign up bonus and 200 rs per referral.  

Truemeds is an online pharmacy app. you can purchase online medicine and health wellness products. It gives wide range of products.


Truemeds referral program

Truemeds apps program is very easy and rewardful. You have to copy and share your referral code. When anybody signs up using it. You both will get a reward of 200rs but the condition is your referral first order is delivered and Then you will get 200 rs.

How to join Truemeds and get a 200 rs sign up bonus?

  • Download the app

  • Sign up using your mobile number and verify it by OTP.

  • Enter the referral code 279291 and get instantly 200 rs.

  • Use 200 rs to purchase products And delivery is free.

4) Rapido

Rapido is India's leading bike-taxi service offering app. Where you can book a bike-taxi at a low price and quickly. And also offer auto and cabs.

Rapido gives you sign up bonus of flat 25 rs off on ride by using this referral code 739202.


Rapido refer and earn program: Rapido apps give you refer and earn programs in which you have to share your referral code to your friends. They will get flat 25 rs off on their ride and you get flat 50 rs off. When your friend completes the first ride.

How to join Rapido and get a sign up bonus?

  • Download Rapido app from playstore.

  • Open the rapido app and allow location. 

  • Sign up using your mobile number and verify it with OTP.

  • Enter this referral code 26910101 to get flat 25 rs off on your ride.

5) Magic Pin

Magic pin app is used to   discover the best places to eat in your location, to shop and much more. You can get assured cashback on a magic pin app by uploading bills of the restaurants. 

Magic Pin
Magic Pin

Magic pin refer and earn program: Whenever your friends sign up using your referral code. They will get award of 500 magic points and you will get 150 rs Amazon 


How to join a magic pin app and get a sign up bonus?


  • Download the app from Play Store

  • Sign up using your mobile number.

  • Write this referral code 269191 to get rewards + 50 rs Amazon voucher free

Complete registration and go to the voucher section, add a 50 or 100 rs voucher in cart , apply New50 code and you will get that voucher for free. ( Only for new members )

6) Myglamm

This offer is for only ladies and girls.

Myglamm is an Indian Beauty products brand which provides luxury beauty products at affordable prices. 


Myglamm comes with a referral program  and sign up bonus where you can get 150 rs off on your first purchase. 

Myglamm referral program 

Invite your friend and get a free lipstick worth 500 rs and friend flat 150 rs off. 

Invite 5 friends and get a free makeup kit worth 1574 rs and much more for inviting more friends.

7) INRDeals

INRDeals is India's app that provides you online deals and discounts offers on websites like Amazon, Flipkart etc as well as offline. In a wide range of categories like travel,foods, shopping and much more.


INRDeals provide you a 50 rs sign up bonus when you use this referral code 370202.

Withdraw them by getting a discount coupon code.

INRDeals referral program

Share your referral code to your family and earn 50 rs cashback and your friend also. And enjoy their lifetime 30% savings.

How to join INRDeals and get a sign up bonus?

  • Go to INRDeals website and Sign up on it.

  • Using your email address, Name and mobile number

  • Enter our referral code 379201 to get a 50 rs instant bonus And done.

8) Prime Opinion

Prime Opinion is a website that provides users to earn money by doing surveys based on their profile.

Prime Opinion
Prime Opinion

Prime opinion apps give you bonus on sign up bonuses by using this referral link .com

You will get the choice of choosing the bonus of 90 rs, 200 rs or 500 rs which is given to you in points. 

Prime Opinion refers and earn program.

When you share your referral link to your friends and they sign up they will get a bonus of  90 rs, 200 rs or 500 rs and you will earn 10% of their earning lifetime. You can withdraw it by PayPal or various gifts.

9) Ipsos iSay is also a survey providing website where you can  earn money by doing studies or surveys. In return they will give you points and you can withdraw it by phonepe voucher reaching on 2050 points which means 200 rs. 

Ipsos I say gives you a sign up bonus survey of 300 points. You just have to use this link to sign up . com

Ipsos iSay
Ipsos iSay

Ipsos iSay referral and earn program 

Ipsos iSay referral program is simple: you have to share your link to your family, friends or relatives. And you will be rewarded with 300 points and your referral also.

10) Smytten

Smytten is India's largest beauty products app, you can purchase everything related to female and male beauty products from1200 brands. 


Smytten gives you free trial of 6 products worth 300 rs, when you sign up using this code referral code-278291

Smytten referral program 

Share your referral code to your family and friends and earn 200 bucks for free when referral purchases their first product, that you can use while purchasing products. And your friends get 6 trials of products.

How to join Smytten app and get bonus

  • Download Smytten from Play Store

  • Open and click on sign up button using mobile number, verify it by OTP.

  • Enter basic details ,done you will get your 6 products trials.

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