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[10 Methods] How to Earn Rs 1000 Per Day Without Investment Online

Nowadays, earning money online is one of the most popular topics on the internet. Therefore, we will explain how you can earn Rs 1000 every day online without any investment.

You might wonder why we are focusing on Rs 1000 specifically. In India, earning an average of Rs 1000 a day is a significant amount for many people. This means there is potential to earn even more by using the 10 different methods mentioned below.

Earn Rs 1000 Per Day Without Investment Online
Earn Rs 1000 Per Day Without Investment Online

How to Earn Rs 1000 Per Day

Earning money, whether online or offline, is not simple and easy. It requires patience, hard work, and smart strategies. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Time Investment

  • Hard Work

  • Smart Work

  • Patience

  • Accuracy

  • Consistent Activity

We aim to provide accurate and useful information to help you become an expert in earning money online.

1 Method: Inviting Your Friends

Search for "Refer and Earn" on Google, and you will find many apps and websites that pay you to invite friends to join their platforms. Examples include:

  • Hostinger

  • Bluehost

  • Angel One Accounts

  • Stock Market Invitations

  • Various apps with Refer and Earn programs

2 Method: Selling Financial Products

Financial products such as bank accounts, ATM cards, credit cards, and loans are in high demand. Many banks and companies offer good cashback for selling their products. You can use apps like:

  • BankSathi

  • Gromo

  • Zet Partner

  • Aryo Invites

3 Method: Become an Online Author

With over a billion websites globally, there is a constant demand for content writers. Website owners hire authors to write blog content. You can start with platforms like:

  • Greatist

  • Copyhackers

  • UX Booth

  • Copypeer

4 Method: Blog Monetization

Create your blog or website using tutorials on YouTube. Once you attract traffic, you can monetize your blog with Adsense, Medianet, or other platforms. Popular website management platforms include:

  • Blogspot (Free)

  • WordPress

  • Wix

  • Weebly

5 Method: Solve Math Problems to Earn Money

Some websites pay for solving math problems and completing captcha codes. We recently wrote an article on Photomath Expert. Other platforms include:

  • Chegg

  • Preply

  • Just Answers

  • 2Captcha

  • Protypers

6 Method: Become a Social Media Influencer

If you enjoy using Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram, consider becoming a social media influencer. Many people earn passive income this way. You can start with:

  • YouTube

  • Vlogging

  • Instagram

  • Creating short videos

  • Facebook Live and Videos

7 Method: Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a tried-and-true method to earn money online. Help sell company products and earn commissions. Start with:

  • Amazon Affiliate

  • Flipkart Affiliate

  • Hosting Affiliate Programs

8 Method: Become a Freelancer

Freelancers help others solve specific problems and get paid for their expertise. Top freelancing platforms include:

  • Fiverr

  • Upwork

  • DesignCrowd

  • Toptal

9 Method: Drop Shipping

Create a website and sell products from other sites at a markup. For example, buy a product for ₹100 on Meesho and sell it for ₹600 on your Shopify site, earning a ₹500 profit per item. Promote your products through:

  • Google Ads

  • Short videos

10 Method: Complete Surveys and Earn Money

Earn money by completing short surveys where companies ask for your opinion on their products and services. Some survey sites include:


If you adopt any one of these 10 methods, you can easily earn up to Rs 1000 daily. By trying all these methods, you could potentially earn up to 1 lakh per day. Learn about each method and implement them correctly.

If you have suggestions for other long-term ways to earn money, please share them in the comments below.

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