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How To Earn Money From Green Money App [Guide]

Earn Money From Green Money App: The Green Money app offers rewards for just taking part in challenges set by your city and workplace. By taking part in easy tasks, you can earn points and redeem your rewards from local locations.

This application is exclusively accessible to users from Australian cities and workplaces.

Earn Money From Green Money App
Earn Money From Green Money App

Your points can be redeemed for exclusive offers and discounts at hundreds of nearby businesses and locations.

Earn Money From The Green Money App

1. First, You need to visit the Green Money website from this link: Click Here.

2. After visiting the website, enter your phone number and click on the Text Me The App button. You can also get the app from the App Store or Play Store.

3. Open the Green Money app and choose the account type: Household or Workplace.

4. Then enter your first name, last name, email address, create a password, enter postcode and click on the Sign Up button.

5. Complete the signup process and visit the Green Money app dashboard.

6. You can start earning points right away by participating in a variety of Green Money challenges as soon as your registration is approved.

7. Engage in the three challenge categories: learn and earn, make a pledge, and take an action. When you finish a task, you'll instantly receive points.

8. You will get many interesting and easy challenges to earn points such as Pledge to ride your bike more and earn 200 points, Pledge to turn off your computer and earn 100 points, etc.

8. Once you've accumulated sufficient points, visit the Redeem area and select the Get Rewards button to redeem vouchers for local business discounts and exclusive rewards.

Final Words

So it was all about the Green Money app. You can earn points on the Green Money app by completing some easy and interesting tasks. Complete the tasks, earn points and redeem it through your favorite Vouchers.


Q.1 What is Green Money?

Ans: GreenMoney is a pioneering rewards program in Australia that enables city workers and citizens to receive rewards for recycling and completing easy, daily green challenges.

Q.2 How can I earn points on the Green Money app?

Ans: Make an account on Green Money and earn points by completing tasks like recycling and riding.

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