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Rakuten Refer and Earn - Get $40 Per Refer + Unlimited

Rakuten Refer and Earn - Get $40 Per Refer + Unlimited Earning: Online marketplace and e-commerce platform Rakuten is a multinational company based in Japan that engages in a range of businesses.

It is One of the biggest e-commerce and internet service providers in the world, it was started by Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997.

The Rakuten Refer and Earn program is a referral program that pays users for inviting friends and family to sign up with Rakuten and start receiving Cash Back on their online purchases.

Rakuten Refer And Earn Program

1. First you need to visit the Rakuten Sign Up page from this Rakuten referral link link:

2. You will get the referral bonus after using a Rakuten referral link to register and making a qualifying purchase of at least $40.

3. After visiting the link, enter your email address, create a password, click on the I’m not a Robot checkbox and tap on the Join Now button.

4. Now you will be on the Rakuten dashboard. You can also download the Rakuten App from the Play Store or App Store.

5. Click on the Three Line button from the bottom left corner and tap on the Refer & Earn $40 option.

6. Here you will get your Rakuten referral code. Now share your Rakuten referral code TSSP08 or link with your friends and family.

7. After your referred friends complete a qualifying transaction, your Rakuten referral incentive will be sent to you within 60 days.

Final Words

For each successful sign-up using a Rakuten referral link, the Rakuten referral program pays $40 to both referred and recommending parties. If you register using a Rakuten referral link and complete a qualified purchase of $40 within 30 days of registering, you will be eligible to receive $40 referral reward.


Q.1 What is Rakuten?

Ans: Rakuten is a cashback program that works as an affiliate marketer to assist you in making cost-effective online purchases. it works with hundreds of online retailers to provide you cashback when you make a purchase via their links.

Q.2 How do I find my Rakuten referral code?

Ans: Go to the Rakuten homepage, click on the Three Line menu button from top left corner, then click on the Share & Earn $40 section. Here you will get your Rakuten referral code.

Q.3 How to get $40 from Rakuten?

Ans: You can earn $40 for each friend you refer to Rakuten. For seven days, they will receive a 10% Cash Back Boost at specific stores. In 30 days, after they spend $40, you will receive your bonus of $40.

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