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Meesho Today Offer 9 Rupees - Get 100+ Deals Under Rs.9

Meesho Today Offer 9 Rupees: Meesho is one of the best online shopping platforms in India. Meesho makes it affordable for you to purchase online with a wide range of fashionable, high-quality lifestyle items at wholesale costs.

Additionally, you can also resell products to your friends and start earning money.

Meesho is the best option if you're seeking high-quality products at the cheapest pricing. You can Choose from more than 5 crore premium items in categories including accessories, kids clothes, men's fashion, women's fashion, beauty & health essentials and home & kitchen products.

What is Meesho Today Offer 9 Rs Sale?

Meesho 9 Rs sale is available only on the Meesho app and the sale starts everyday at 8pm. The Meesho app's Rs 9 deal is probably always sold out because of its great demand and limited supply.

When the supply runs out, the Meesho 9 Rs offer is gone until more is added, therefore availability of the deal can be limited.

Download the Meesho App and Grab 9 Rs Sale

1. First Download the Meesho app from Play Store/App Store or Click Here.

2. Install the Meesho app, open it and select your language.

3. Then click on the Account section from the bottom right corner and click on the Sign Up button.

4. Now enter your mobile number and verify it through the one time password(OTP).

5. Complete the login process and go to the Meesho app dashboard.

6. Meesho 9 Rs offer Starts every day at 8pm for a limited period of time. So be ready for the sale and try to order products as soon as possible after the sale starts.

Final Words

So it was all about the Meesho 9 rupees offer. You can get some amazing premium items every day at only 9 Rs at 8PM on the Meesho app. You need to be ready at the right time when sale starts and try to order the 9 Rs products quickly.


Q.1 What is the time of Meesho 9 RS sale?

Ans: Meesho 9 Rs offer Starts daily at 8pm on the Meesho app.

Q.2 Why is Meesho 9 rupees deal not working?

Ans: Due to high demand and limited supply, the Rs 9 deal on the Meesho app is probably sold out every time.

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