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Palia Game

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Palia referral code</strong> is e1c6dcad-3f6b-4bd9-8cde-b52d5d936683, play game. together. With the Palia Refer A Friend Program, earn unique in-game items when friends sign up using your invite link. Learn about the referral code and refer-and-earn program.


Palia Referral Code {e1c6dcxx} Earn Unique In-Game Items

Palia referral code reward: e1c6dcad-3f6b-4bd9-8cde-b52d5d936683. Players from all around the world can interact and play together in Palia, a distinctive life sim multiplayer online game. With Palia Refer A Friend Program, Palia is really encouraging players to play with friends and make new friends.

The user will receive unique in-game items if their friends click the invite link and register their Palia account. In this post, we will discuss about Palia referral code and Palia refer and earn program.

Palia Refer and Earn Program

1. First of all, Visit the official Palia website from the provided link: Click Here.

2. After visiting the link, click on the Login button, and tap on the Create an Account button.

3. Now enter your email address, create a strong password, enter the referral code, accept the terms & conditions and click on the Next button.

4. Enter this Palia referral code to get welcome reward: e1c6dcad-3f6b-4bd9-8cde-b52d5d936683

5. On the next page, enter your date of birth, select the country and click on the next button.

6. After signing up, instantly you will get your Palia referral link.

7. Share it with your friends, When they join through your link you will get exclusive in-game items and they will also get in-game items as a welcome reward.

8. You will get unique rewards for only first 5 successful referral.

Final Words

Singularity 6 created the massively multiplayer online game Palia, which is a life simulation game. Every friend you refer to Palia will receive a fruit basket decor item to use in-game, and you will receive an exclusive reward in your in-game inbox.

Through the Palia referral program you will get rewards for only first 5 successful referral.


Q.1 How do I get a referral code for Palia?

Ans: Log in to your Palia account, then go to the Account settings, and click on the Refer A Friend section. Here you will get your Palia referral code.

Q.2 What are the referral rewards for Palia?

Ans: You will get a Chapaa Hat for 1st successful referral, for 2nd you will get a Chapaa Plush, for 3rd a Chapaa Outfit, for 4th a Chapaa Fountain and for 5th successful referral you will get a Chapaa Glider Skin.

Q.3 What is the Palia referral code?

Ans: Here is the Palia referral code: e1c6dcad-3f6b-4bd9-8cde-b52d5d936683

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